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Sophia Bush

This is probably the most unpopular opinions but I really just don't care anymore. I just need to vent even if I make no sense. I will start with Nathan. Once upon a time before season 4, I actually really loved Nathan. This season has just done nothing but make me hate him. I can't say if its always been the way it is but because they are together, I am noticing it more. Everything is about Nathan and Audrey. Its all about Nathan's love for Audrey and the jealously streak that has been ruining moment after moment. I miss seeing scenes between Nathan, Audrey and Duke that is about more than Nathan's and Audrey's love. Duke really hit it on the head when he said they weren't thinking about anyone but themselves. BUT ITS COMPLICATED BECAUSE OF HIS FEELINGS TOWARD BOTH OF THEM THAT HE CANT LEAVE. It's on overkill and I can't handle it quite as nicely as I could before.

Also, I still ship Duke and Audrey more than life. No matter what is happening between any of the characters that remains consistent. We have always enjoyed quality scenes between Duke and Audrey and this season has been lacking. The only episode we got anything was when the alternate universe occurred. That was actually my favorite episode of the season so far. I also know that I have been shamelessly hating Jennifer and Duke because of it. They completely let everything that happened last season disappear. All that history isn't erased that easily. I'm sorry, it just doesn't happen that way.

I have a lot more feelings but I just can't get them out in a correct format. That is why I will be posting fics and other things that fancy my Duke/Audrey heart.