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Duke Crocker; Audrey Parker; Haven

Displaced (Duke/Audrey) Drabble


Finding out he can’t isn’t the worst.

Duke knows it’s a complicated mess but he doesn’t say as much. He and Audrey are just two lovers in a noisy town. Haven never sleeps; neither do the troubles or their fate. Duke knows what she’s thinking, she knows it, and she still keeps her mouth shut. The good times don’t mean shit when the finality of the situation is coming.

It’s what changed.

Duke’s lying flat on his stomach, her flushed face resting against his back, her fingertips weightlessly running along his side. It was a pattern that never ceases. Audrey keeps showing up, finding him at his most vulnerable. The time he spends thinking of ways she can get out of this. He believes but when she finally lets him down, he truly sees it for what it was.

Audrey Parker was fearfully free.

So much that not even Nathan, a man she could trust with all of her heart, could keep a hold onto to her. He had lost her along the way. Duke refused to do
so. Audrey wanted to spare Nathan; she wanted to spare him, but not more than Duke wanting to spare her.

This is when the pattern starts again. It doesn’t stop him from letting the hope die just for a moment of solace. His eyes are closed, listening to the steady beat of her heart, hoping she’ll forgive him for saying such selfish words. “Please don’t leave me.”

That wasn’t his first mistake that day or hers.

Audrey let her blue eyes fall shut. This time she does acknowledge her thoughts, his. Barely able to let the words slip from her lips, “I never asked you to let me go.” She was afraid of giving more, the uncertainty hanging above their heads, stuck in all that she’s been fearing. She knows she’ll have to eventually. She would leave him for a world unknown. But for now, it kept her blindfolded to all the time he invested in wanting a better hand to be dealt.

Finding out she doesn’t think he can is. 


Thank you! I was listening to this song and I just couldn't help but get Duke/Audrey feels from it.


I'm not quite sure why I've been resisting Haven fic until this point, but thanks for inadvertently introducing me. I plan on being insatiable from here on out. :)

Re: Gah!

I used to only read One Tree Hill fic but then I opened up my heart to trying other shows and I've been pleasantly pleased! I haven't read any Nathan/Audrey Haven fic but I've read Duke/Audrey and its truly hits you right in the feels.

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