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Rookie Blue, Andy McNalley

My Mad Fat Diary

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This is Finn.
This is Finn and Rae.

They are going to be the death of me. You do not understand how much this relationship is going to kill me. I mean, Finn hates when people stare but he'll stare at Rae all day long if he could. Finn hates talking but he enjoys talking to Rae. Finn is easily defined as an asshole but he wants to make sure Rae doesn't think that about him. Finn uses both his words and actions to prove that his intentions towards Rae are sincere. I know if this show is realistic that they may never end up together. That is just how life works. The boy chooses the skinnier and prettier girl but I am hoping this will not be the case here ok? It just gives me a lot of hope though. I'm not the skinniest girl and to see that a boy like Finn can look beyond that just gives me comfort. That personality can be a key player in what keeps it solid. I also would like to point out the fact that Nico is hot. I can't get over how scrumptious he looks. My ovaries are ready to explode. I want him all for myself i that's possible. A girl can dream right?